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Donnie Yen

Born July 27, 1963 in Canton, China
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Donnie Yen (born 27 July 1963) is a Hong Kong actor, martial artist, film director, action choreographer and film producer. Apart from being a well-known film and television actor in Hong Kong, Yen has also gained international recognition for appearing in many films together with other prominent and internationally-known actors such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh. He is considered to be Hong Kong's top action star; director Peter Chan mentioned that he "is the 'it' action person right now" and "has built himself into a bona fide leading man, who happens to be an action star."

Description above from the Wikipedia article Donnie Yen , licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.
Mulan (2020)
as "Commander Tung"
as "Ip Man"
as "Chirrut Imwe"
Ip Man 3 (2015)
as "Ip Man"
as "Pop Quadruplet"
as "Hahou Mo"
Iceman (2014)
as "Ying"
as "Yip Man"
as "Sun Wukong / Monkey King"
Special ID (2013)
as "Dragon Chan"
Together (2013)
as "Chen Guohua / Chan Kwok-Wah"
as "Carl Tam"
Dragon (2011)
as "Liu Jin-xi"
as "General Guan Yunchang"
as "Cheng Yu-keung / Arnold Cheng"
Ip Man 2 (2010)
as "Ip Man"
14 Blades (2010)
as "Green Dragon"
as "Sum Chung-Yang / Shen Chong-Yang"
as "Tian Han"
Ip Man (2008)
as "Ip Man"
as "Pang Yong"
as "General Muyong Xuehu"
as "Det. Sgt. Ma Jun"
as "Dragon Wong"
as "Inspector Ma Kwun"
as "Chu Zhaonan"
as "General Lone"
as "Victor Tsui"
as "Wu Chow"
as "Himself"
Hero (2002)
as "Sky"
Blade II (2002)
as "Snowman"
as "Jin Ke"
as "Ozone"
as "Tong Shan"
as "Cat Lee"
as "Fung Man-hin"
as "Boxing School Owner"
as "Nam"
as "Iron Monkey"
as "Lone Seven"
as "Chiang Ho-Wa"
as "Danton Lee"
Wing Chun (1994)
as "Leung Pok To"
as "Himself (uncredited)"
as "So Chan"
as "Wong Kei-ying"
as "Yip Cheung"
as "Commander Lan"
as "Eunuch Tsao Siu Yan"
as "Ronnie"
as "Shiang Chin-Fei"
as "Leung / Brett Chan"
as "Dragon Yau"
as "Captain Donnie Yan"
Tiger Cage (1988)
as "Terry"
as "Dick Kwan"
as "Eddie"
as "Chan Chuen Chung"
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