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Elias Koteas

Born Mars 11, 1961 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Elias Koteas (born March 11, 1961) is a Canadian actor of film and television, best known for his roles in The Prophecy, Fallen, and the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies.

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as "Jake Klein"
as "Charles Brunel"
as "Lionel Shrike"
as "Jerry Driver"
as "Sergie Katsov"
as "Boyce"
as "Colonel de Vries"
Let Me In (2010)
as "The Policeman"
as "Elia Kazan (Voice)"
as "Dean"
as "Joe Rothman"
as "Laeddis"
as "John"
Die (2010)
as "Mark Murdock"
as "Abel Campos"
Defendor (2009)
as "Chuck Dooney"
as "Hasford"
as "Reverend Popescu"
as "Monsieur Gateau"
as "Lieutenant"
Two Lovers (2008)
as "Ronald Blatt"
as "Raymond"
as "Voice of Val Lewton"
Shooter (2007)
as "Jack Payne"
Zodiac (2007)
as "Jack Mulanax"
Prisoner (2007)
as "Jailer"
as "Jonas"
as "Arthur Ouimet"
as "The Specialist"
as "Mike McKay"
S1m0ne (2002)
as "Hank Aleno"
S1m0ne (2002)
as "Hank Alano"
Ararat (2002)
as "Ali / Jevdet Bay"
as "Peter Brandt"
Novocaine (2001)
as "Harlan Sangster"
as "Gary Gilmore"
Lost Souls (2000)
as "John Townsend"
as "Yeager Pollack"
as "Capt. James 'Bugger' Staros"
as "The Kisser"
Apt Pupil (1998)
as "Archie"
Fallen (1998)
as "Edgar Reese"
Gattaca (1997)
as "Antonio Freeman"
Hit Me (1996)
as "Sonny Rose"
Crash (1996)
as "Vaughan"
Sugartime (1995)
as "Butch Blasi"
as "Thomas Daggett"
as "Paul Dellacroce"
Exotica (1994)
as "Eric"
Camilla (1994)
as "Vincent Lopez"
Cyborg 2 (1993)
as "Colson 'Colt' Ricks"
as "Casey Jones / Whit"
as "Noah"
as ""
Contact (1992)
as ""
as "Steve Garner"
as "Wally Bosworth"
as "Wizard"
as "Casey Jones"
Blood Red (1989)
as "Silvio"
Malarek (1988)
as ""
as "Jimmy"
as "Alex Tremulis"
as "Young Aristotle Onassis"
as "Himself (uncredited)"
as "Pete Deveber"
as "Skinhead"
as "Eddie"
as "Extra (uncredited)"
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