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Ritchie Coster

Born July 1, 1967 in
as "Richie"
Creed (2015)
as "Pete Sporino"
Blackhat (2015)
as "Elias Kassar"
By the Gun (2014)
as "Tony Matazano"
Let Me In (2010)
as "Mr. Zoric"
as "Hal Lazar"
as "Ray"
Virtuality (2009)
as "Dr. Jimmy Johnson"
as "Chechen"
as "Joey Sadano"
as "The Handler"
Pipe Dream (2002)
as "Pascal"
The Tuxedo (2002)
as "Dietrich Banning"
15 Minutes (2001)
as "News Stand Vendor"
as "Janos"
as "Julian Thorpe"
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