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Grace Hayle

Born July 24, 1888 in
Loving You (1957)
as "Mrs. Gunderson (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. McMurdock (uncredited)"
as "Woman Attending Audition (uncredited)"
as "Birdie Benson"
as "Bit Role"
as "Mrs. Cora Dithers"
as "Banana split customer (uncredited)"
as "Irate Tenant at Bruhl's Address"
as "Investor in Line"
as "Madame Napaloni"
as "Mrs. Kelland"
as "Mrs. Burkhart"
as "Fat Woman"
as "Tom's Wife"
Maryland (1940)
as "Mrs. Carrington"
as "Screaming Woman (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. Hudson"
as "Fussy Woman Passenger (uncredited)"
as "Drunk's Wife Leaving Bluebell"
as "Chaperone on Yacht (uncredited)"
as "Miss Cummings"
as "Plump Woman (uncredited)"
as "Fat Woman"
First Love (1939)
as "Madame Margarita Catalini"
as "Mrs. O'Grady"
The Women (1939)
as "Cyclist"
as "Stout Woman (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. Brown"
as "Dibble's Customer"
as "Hefty Mother"
as "Fat Passenger"
as "Fat Reporter"
as "Tourist"
as "Mrs. Briggs (uncredited)"
as "Stout Woman"
Tovarich (1937)
as "Mrs. Van Hemert"
as "Wedding Guest (Uncredited)"
Topper (1937)
as "Outraged Heavy Woman (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. Norton"
as "Fat Lady at Airport"
as "Minnie Dawson"
as "Mrs. Kramer"
as "Miss Hambridge"
as "Mrs. Worthington"
as "Nurse Jennie"
as "Laundry Manageress (uncredited)"
as "Agnes Mayo (as Grace Hale)"
as "Matron Looking at Racing Sheet (Uncredited)"
as "Nell Bonnett (uncredited)"
as "First Gossiper"
Chained (1934)
as "Edith's Friend (uncredited)"
as "Miss Fishbeck - Little Theatre Stage Director"
as "Tourist from Cleveland"
Bedside (1934)
as "Mrs. Mason"
as "Woman on Staircase (uncredited)"
as "Lura 'Ducky' Groggs"
Bombshell (1933)
as "Mrs. Titcomb (uncredited)"
as "Lady Who Wants Her Cook Back (uncredited)"
as "Wealthy Fat Lady (uncredited)"
Baby Face (1933)
as "Mrs. Hemingway (uncredited)"
as "Chubby Woman"
as "Fat Lady with Vanishing Cream (uncredited)"
as "Chalmer's Nosy Neighbor"
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