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Philip Keung

Born uknown in
as "Li Tieniu"
as "Kwon"
Wild City (2015)
as "Kuen"
as "Fan Ging-Hung"
as ""
as "Lo Keung"
as "Brother Crazy Dog"
as "Ma Tai-Fat"
as "Hak"
as "Officer Liu"
as "Chiang Senior"
as "Bill"
Z Storm (2014)
as "Ho Tak-Wing"
as ""
as ""
as "Ma Sheung-Fat"
Firestorm (2013)
as "Tony Keung"
Unbeatable (2013)
as "Tai-Sui"
as "Chan Kwong"
Drug War (2012)
as "Darkie"
as "Robber"
as "Russell"
as "Lung"
as "Jordan Chan Jiadong"
as "Tai Ping"
as "Cheung Yat-Tung"
as "Demon"
as "Private Detective Wu"
as "Ah Di"
as "Dragon"
as "Wong Chou Shui"
as "Brother Face"
as ""
as "Ke"
as "Baby Killer"
as "Judy's husband"
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