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James Parrott

Born August 2, 1897 in
The King (1930)
as "Minor Role (uncredited)"
Soft Pedal (1926)
as "Willing"
as "Fire Salesman"
as "The Caretaker (as Jimmie Parrott)"
as ""
as "Bearded Lunatic"
as "Lucian Dillgiggle"
as "The Bill Poster"
as "Bill Bunion"
as ""
as "Paul (as Paul Parrott)"
as ""
as ""
as "Paul, the Hustler"
as "Paul"
as "The Newlywed Husband"
as ""
as ""
as "A Car Owner"
as "Party Guest"
as ""
as "(uncredited)"
as "Man missing his train"
as "The Auto Nut's Lawyer (as Paul Parrott)"
as "Waiter / chef assistant"
as ""
Hey There (1918)
as ""
as "Drunken Swell (uncredited)"
as ""
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