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Jeremy Brett

Born November 3, 1933 in
as "Artist's Father"
as "Self - Host / Freddy Eynsford-Hill"
as "Tony Vernon-Smith"
as "Sherlock Holmes"
as "Sherlock Holmes"
as "Sherlock Holmes"
as "William Nightingale"
Deceptions (1985)
as "Bryan Foxworth"
as "Edward Ashburnham"
Madame X (1981)
as "Dr. Terrence Keith"
Macbeth (1981)
as "Macbeth"
as "Edward Parrish"
as "Basil Hallward"
as "Bassanio"
as ""
as "Freddy Eynsford-Hill"
as ""
as "Jordan Barker"
as "Mullen (The Intruder)"
as "Andrew Gilby"
as "Nikolai Rostov"
Svengali (1954)
as "Pierre"
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