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Mary Carr

Born Mars 14, 1874 in
Mary Carr (14 March 1874 – 24 June 1973) was an American film actress and was married to the actor William Carr (1866–1937). She appeared in 144 films between 1915 and 1956.
as "Mother of Jose"
as "Granny Layton"
as "Mother"
as "Grandma"
as "Grandmother (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. James Travers"
as "Mrs. Martha Carter"
as "Bus Passenger (Uncredited)"
as "Woman with Baby Clothes (uncredited)"
as "Harry's Mother"
as "Wardrobe Mistress"
as "Mrs. Warren"
as "Grandma"
as "Mrs. Rountree"
Bedside (1934)
as "Heart Patient"
as "Flower peddler (uncredited)"
as "Flood Victim"
as "Mrs. Murray"
as "Mrs. Middleton"
as "Widow"
as "Old Woman with Letter"
as "Aunt Emily"
as "Old Lady"
as "Bud's Mother"
as "Mrs. Brunton"
as "Grandmother"
as "Mrs. Wood"
Hot Curves (1930)
as "'Grandma' Dolan"
as "Mrs. Pike"
as "Mrs. Morgan"
as "Mother"
as "Prison Matron"
as "Aunt Em"
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