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Joe Chrest

Born uknown in St. Albans, West Virginia, USA
as "Jerry Lieberman"
The Dirt (????)
as "David Bass"
LBJ (2016)
as "McGeorge Bundy"
Gifted (2017)
as "Kevin Larsen"
Cold Moon (2016)
as "Charlres Darrish"
as "David Sims"
as "Amos Deason"
as "Fuzzy Canaday"
as "Oscar Davis"
Ant-Man (2015)
as "Frank"
as "Captain Sullivan"
as "Dave"
as "David Schmidt"
Barefoot (2014)
as "Trooper"
Homefront (2013)
as "DEA Agent #1"
as "Chief of Staff"
as "Business Suit Agent"
as "ATF Agent"
as "Rainbowland Audience Member"
as "Deputy Moore"
as "David Schmidt"
as "Salter"
as "Paul"
Butter (2011)
as "Butter Fan"
as "Detective Rudeski"
as "1st Sgt. John Roy"
as "Fucking Passenger"
as "Jerry"
as "Child Services Inspector"
RED (2010)
as "Retirement Home Detective"
as "Benjamin"
as "Steven's Dad"
as "Paramedic"
as "Craner"
as "Hell's Angels Director of Photography"
as "Owens"
The Ring (2002)
as "Doctor"
as "Ed Gunn"
as "Andy"
as "Mr. Rodman"
as "Brandon Richards"
as "Song and Dance Man from Bar"
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