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Preben Lerdorff Rye

Born May 23, 1917 in
as "Interview Subject"
Christian (1989)
as "Grandfather"
Isolde (1989)
as ""
Medea (1988)
as "Paedragon"
as "Blinde Christian"
as "The Captain"
as "Grandfather"
as "Bruun, læge"
as "Gynecologist"
as ""
Vandalism (1977)
as ""
Copper (1976)
as "Fessor"
as "Regnar Lodbrog"
as ""
as "Holger Hjort"
as "The Lieutenant"
as ""
as "Vandringsmanden"
as ""
as ""
as "Kong Fredrik IV"
as "Hipomand"
as "Han"
as "Onkel Mads"
as ""
as "Carolus Lieberg, magister i litteratur"
as "Fyrmester Larsen"
as "Hans"
as "En arbejder"
as "David"
as ""
as "Arthur Blume"
as ""
Gengæld (1955)
as "Forfatter Donner"
as "En gangster"
as ""
Ordet (1955)
as "Johannes Borgen (uncredited)"
as ""
as "Tyven"
as "Kriminalbetjent Knudsen"
Avismanden (1952)
as "Johansen"
as "Carlo Pedersen, ejer af Dromen"
Lyntoget (1951)
as "Henning Knudsen"
as "Johan, tjener, søn af fru Nielsen"
as "Sejr"
as "Værle"
as "Sømand"
as "Tennisspiller"
as ""
as ""
Hr. Petit (1948)
as ""
as "Skuespiller"
as "Tømrermester Eriksen"
as ""
as "Martin, Absalon's Son from First Marriage (uncredited)"
Derailed (1942)
as "Willy Hansen"
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