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Emil Hass Christensen

Born January 23, 1903 in
as "Prison Warden"
as ""
as "Ambassadøren"
as "Oberst Parsdorff"
as "Dommer Vinter"
as "Campist Holgersen"
as ""
as "Byretsdommer Winther"
as "Henrik Strand"
as "Hr. Mogens Mønster"
as ""
Komtessen (1961)
as ""
as "Højesteretssagfører Berg"
as ""
as ""
as ""
as ""
as "Mads Madsen, Gårdejer"
as ""
as "Karl Kristian Duue - godsejer"
as ""
as "Overlæge"
as ""
Ordet (1955)
as "Mikkel Borgen (uncredited)"
as "Politiassistenten"
as "Pastor Thomsen"
as "Apoteker (as Hass Christensen)"
Vejrhanen (1952)
as "Chef i Statsradiofonien"
Avismanden (1952)
as ""
as "Lægen"
as "Læge"
as ""
as "Patolog"
as "Journalist ved væddeløb"
Odds 777 (1932)
as ""
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