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Patrick Huard

Born January 2, 1969 in
as "Steve Guibord"
Ego Trip (2015)
as "Marc Morin"
Mommy (2014)
as "Paul"
Omertà (2012)
as "Steve Bélanger"
Funkytown (2011)
as "Bastien Lavallée"
Starbuck (2011)
as "David Wozniak"
Cadavres (2009)
as "Raymond Marchildon"
as "David Bouchard"
as "Paul"
as "Louis St-Amant"
as "Gaston"
Red Nose (2003)
as "Félix Legendre"
Evil Words (2003)
as "Thomas Roy"
as "Ti-Guy"
Stardom (2000)
as "Montreal Talk-Show Host"
as "Sunsey"
as "Ti-Guy"
The Boys (1997)
as "Ti-Guy"
as "Pierre Sánchez"
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