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Kim Ki-chun

Born uknown in
as "Security Guard"
as "Police box chief (uncredited)"
The Phone (2015)
as "Dispatch Captain"
as "Priest Yoo"
as "CEO Huh Seung-bok"
as "Old man Seo"
Hanji (2011)
as "Kim Choon-byung"
as "Sung-sik"
Chaw (2009)
as "Head of a village"
Happiness (2007)
as "Bu-nam"
as "Junk dealer"
as "Pan-dol"
as "Truck driver"
as "Kyoung-won's Father"
Blood Rain (2005)
as ""
as "Boiler Kang"
as ""
as "Uncle"
as "Homeless"
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