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Murray Alper

Born January 11, 1904 in
as "Chief Crazy Horse"
as "Gym Attendant (uncredited)"
as "Projectionist (uncredited)"
as "Deputy (uncredited)"
as ""
Tanganyika (1954)
as "Paul Duffy"
as "Ice Cream Truck Driver"
as "Kirby"
Vice Squad (1953)
as "Cop (uncredited)"
as "Jim, the Bartender"
as "The Thrill Killer"
as "Bus Driver"
as "Sergeant"
Jalopy (1953)
as "Red Baker"
as "Taxi Driver (uncredited)"
as "Taxi Driver"
as "Nicholas"
as "Air Police Sergeant"
as "Joe, Bartender at Three O'Clock Club"
as "Giffin"
as "Townsman at Funeral (uncredited)"
as "Driver"
as "John Zero "Dynamite" Bacchuss"
as "McGuinness"
as "Cabbie"
as "Bar Patron at The Maples"
as "Eddie"
as "Johnny"
as "Jim - Taxicab Driver (uncredited)"
as "Eddie Alexander, Chauffeur"
as "Mitch O'Hara"
as "'Slug' Mahan T.M. 1c"
as "Spike"
as "Hotel Bell Captain"
as "Army Desk Sergeant (uncredited)"
as "Sgt. Kriven"
as "Moran"
as "Jones"
Bombardier (1943)
as "Little Boy"
Air Force (1943)
as "Butch - Demolition Squad Corporal (uncredited)"
as "Joe Duglatz (Uncredited)"
Mug Town (1942)
as "Shorty"
as "Elevator Operator (uncredited)"
as "Fingerprint Assistant"
as "Quinto, a Convict"
as "Kay's 1st Taxi Driver"
Saboteur (1942)
as "Truck Driver"
as "Pickup Driver with Red (uncredited)"
as "Joe Quig"
as "Miller, Psychopathic Ward Guard"
as "Frank Richman"
as "Sleeper"
as "Flood"
as "But! Boy (uncredited)"
Manpower (1941)
as "Lineman"
as "Jenkins"
as "Blair"
as "Dink Rogers, Blackjack Player"
as "Taxi Driver (uncredited)"
as "Orchestra Leader"
as "Taxi Driver (uncredited)"
as "Sailor"
as "Louie"
Turnabout (1940)
as "Masseur"
as "Yosemite Bartender (uncredited)"
as "Bellhop"
as "Joe - Counterman"
as "Pete"
as "Larry"
as "Fletcher's Mechanic (uncredited)"
as "Dance Floor Gatekeeper at 'The Pink Slipper' (uncredited)"
as "Newspaper Man at Ferry Landing (uncredited)"
as "Eddie (uncredited)"
as "Louie Allen"
Tail Spin (1939)
as "Albuquerque Mechanic"
as "Eddie"
as "Tri-County Distribution Truck Driver"
as "Joe"
as "Blue Swan Waiter"
as "Taxi Driver"
as "Concessionaire"
as "Horace 'Red' Graham"
as "Spike Connors"
as "Sgt. Schultz"
Sea Devils (1937)
as "Seaman Brown"
as "Little Davie Barkell (uncredited)"
as "Taxi Driver (uncredited)"
as "Chuck"
as "Marvin Danker"
as "Andy"
as "Max"
as "Cabbie (uncredited)"
as "Doré's Henchman"
as "McDermott"
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