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Duncan Fraser

Born uknown in
as "VA Psych"
Hamlet (2011)
as ""
Pop Switch (2009)
as "Pop"
as "Hank Wilson"
as "Dr. Samuel Jordon"
as "Sir Thomas"
as "Dr. Cartwright"
Ben Hur (2003)
as "Messala (voice)"
K-9: P.I. (2002)
as "Frankie the Fence"
as "George Karwaski"
as "Mayor"
as "Dr. Farley Middleton"
as "British Officer"
as ""
as "Long Jack"
as "Michael Stratton"
Cyberjack (1995)
as "Dr. Philipp Royce"
as "Mr. Benjamin"
Timecop (1994)
as "Irish Cop"
as "Hugh Albert Priest"
as "Club Owner"
as ""
as "George Franklin, Sr."
as "Father Mattson"
as "Luke Dove"
Watchers (1988)
as "Sheriff Walt Gaines"
Overnight (1986)
as "Arthur"
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