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Detlef Bothe

Born July 24, 1965 in
Anthropoid (2016)
as "Reinhard Heydrich"
Spectre (2015)
as "Cable Car Heavy"
Nemez (2012)
as "Pfarrer"
Anonymous (2011)
as "John De Vere"
as "Mechaniker"
as "Rocker"
Lidice (2011)
as "Haydrich"
as "Biedermeyer"
as "Referee Arthur Donovan"
as "Harry"
as "Dieter"
as "Richter"
as "Bodyguard Ö"
as "Richard Wippe"
Vinzent (2004)
as "Vinzent"
as "Victor Renko"
Vienna (2002)
as "Thomas"
as ""
as "Siebert"
as "Arne"
Appetite (1998)
as "Godfrey"
as "Rudi"
as "Lukas"
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