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Kevin Dunn

Born February 26, 1956 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
as "Carl Pronger"
as "Darren Lowry"
Ashby (2015)
as "Coach Bruton"
as "Principal Grisby"
Draft Day (2014)
as "Marvin"
as "Dr. Arlo"
Jobs (2013)
as "Gil Amelio"
as "Lt. Bob Jent"
as "Agent Mullens"
Warrior (2011)
as "Principal Zito"
as "Ron Witwicki"
as "Agent Ross"
as "Galvin"
as "Ron Witwicky"
as "Mark Nash"
as "ANX Editor"
as "Ron Witwicky"
as "Ron Witwicky"
as "Darren"
as "Ted Dexter"
as "Elizabeth Short's Father"
as "Samuel 'Sandy' Berger"
as "Insurance Exec"
as "Monson"
as "Marty"
Gleason (2002)
as "Jack Philbin - Gleason's manager"
as "Frank McCarthy"
Snake Eyes (1998)
as "Lou Logan"
as "Stuart Abernathy"
as "Hidalgo"
Godzilla (1998)
as "Colonel Hicks"
as "Dr. Darbico"
as "Mikulski"
as "Jimmy Cannon"
as "Mr. Mercer"
as "FBI Agent Doyle"
Nixon (1995)
as "Charles Colson"
as "Charles Millard / Charles the Mysterious"
Mad Love (1995)
as "Clifford Leland"
as "Phil Brenner"
as "Arthur Goslin"
as "Brillo"
Dave (1993)
as "Alan Reed"
as "Cap. Mendez"
as "Webber"
Chaplin (1992)
as "J. Edgar Hoover"
Hot Shots! (1991)
as "Lt. Cmdr. James Block"
as "Patrick Muldoon"
as "Tom Killian"
as "Lt. Sal Roselli"
Blue Steel (1989)
as "Asst. Chief Stanley Hoyt"
Taken Away (1989)
as "Lombardi"
as "Milton Angland"
as "Agent Bird"
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