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Gus Leonard

Born February 4, 1859 in
as "Jim (uncredited)"
as "Muscian (uncredited)"
as "Cap"
as "Desk Clerk (Uncredited)"
as "Jailer"
as "Janitor (Uncredited)"
as "Townsman / Customer"
as "Art School Concierge (uncredited)"
as "Mr. Tuttle - Railroad Stationmaster"
as "Violinist at Birthday Party (uncredited)"
as "Pet Shop Owner (uncredited)"
as "Shop Owner (uncredited)"
as "Old Man at Boarding House (uncredited)"
as "Stagecoach Passenger (uncredited)"
as "Uncle (uncredited)"
as ""
Noah's Ark (1928)
as "Manager of Belgian Theater Troup (uncredited)"
The Wind (1928)
as ""
Speedy (1928)
as "Civil War Veteran (uncredited)"
as ""
as "Barber"
as "Audience Member (uncredited)"
Go West (1925)
as "General Store Owner (uncredited)"
as "Waiter Who Takes Harold's Pants (uncredited)"
as ""
as "Bullfight Spectator"
as "Office Worker"
as "Jennifer Kimball"
as "Old man"
as "The Doctor"
as "King Razzamatazz / Bolshevik orator"
as "Desperate Spinster"
as "Old Man"
as "The Butler"
as ""
as "Old man in park"
as "Old man playing checkers"
Hey There (1918)
as "Bearded Actor"
as "(uncredited)"
as ""
All Aboard (1917)
as "Bebe's Father"
Bliss (1917)
as "Bearded man"
as "Old Man"
Pinched (1917)
as ""
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