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Marie Mosquini

Born uknown in
as "Hawaiian Hairdresser (Uncredited)"
as "Chorus Girl (uncredited)"
7th Heaven (1927)
as "Madame Gobin"
as "Talky Ann"
as "School teacher"
as "The Sheriff's Daughter"
as "The Girl"
as "Girl in the Box Office"
as "The Sold Man's Wife"
as "The Wife"
as "Salesgirl"
as "The Bathing Beauty"
as "Mary - the Leading Lady"
as "The Bride"
as ""
as ""
as ""
Big Game (1921)
as "Tourist"
as "The Tenderfoot's Sweetheart"
as ""
as ""
as ""
as "The Other Girl (uncredited)"
as "The Model"
as ""
as "The Vamp"
as "Fifi Flannigan"
as ""
as "His girl"
as "Pirate girl"
as ""
as ""
as ""
as "The Waitress"
Si, Senor (1919)
as ""
as "Vamp Pickpocket (uncredited)"
Ask Father (1919)
as "Boy's first love"
as "Homeowner's wife"
as "The Vampire"
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