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Bern Collaço

Born uknown in
The Batman (2022)
as "GCPD Detective"
as "Gala Guest"
Tenet (2020)
as "Posh Restaurant Customer (uncredited)"
as "MIB Scientist"
Rocketman (2019)
as "Wedding Guest"
Aladdin (2019)
as "Palace Guard"
Hellboy (2019)
as "Police Officer"
Dumbo (2019)
as "Joplin Audience Member"
as "Bank Teller (uncredited)"
as "Train Passenger / Man in Swimwear (uncredited)"
as "Scientist (uncredited)"
as "Commuter (uncredited)"
as "Stormtrooper (uncredited)"
as "Passerby"
as "Medieval Villager"
as "Stormtrooper / Landing Crew (uncredited)"
as "First Order General (uncredited)"
Paddington (2014)
as "Police Officer (uncredited)"
as "Bank Staff (uncredited)"
as "Spanish Commanding Officer (uncredited)"
as "Dancer / Lilliputian Soldier (uncredited)"
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