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Diana Ochoa

Born uknown in
as "Teovigilda Mastuerzo 'La Meca'"
as "Gossipy Neighbor"
as ""
as "Mujer en iglesia (uncredited)"
Spiritism (1962)
as "Doña Elvira"
as "Hija de prestamista"
as "Virucha"
Nazarin (1959)
as "Vecina de Josefa (uncredited)"
as "Belinda"
as "Invitada a recepción (uncredited)"
as "Tía Lulú"
as "Doña Lupe (uncredited)"
The Witch (1954)
as ""
as "Maestra del internado"
The Brute (1953)
as "Esposa de Lencho"
as "Supervisora de oficina"
as "Esposa de Manuel (uncredited)"
as "Inesita (uncredited)"
Ella y Yo (1951)
as "Hermana Jiménez (uncredited)"
as "Friend of Ruth"
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