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Romy Rosemont

Born uknown in
Miles (2016)
as "Marge Carlson"
Martyrs (2015)
as "Mom"
as "The Sexton"
as "Connie"
as "Shawna Lynde"
as "Patsy Danvers"
Five (2011)
as "Lynne"
as "Pig Mother (voice)"
as "Carrie-Ann"
Cook-Off! (2007)
as "Patty Pasternak"
as "Betty Likens"
as "Gretchen"
Shopgirl (2005)
as "Loan Officer"
as "Rhonda"
Zig Zag (2002)
as "Sara"
as "Dr. Debbie Waldman"
as "Sondra"
as "Tracy"
as "Cosmo's Date"
as "Rita"
Congo (1995)
as "Assistant"
as "Cathy Newman"
as "Dental Assistant"
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