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Grey DeLisle

Born August 12, 1972 in Fort Ord, California, USA
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Grey DeLisle (born August 24, 1973) is an American actress, voice actress, singer-songwriter, and comedienne. To date, she has released four solo albums and has featured on the tribute album Anchored in Love: A Tribute to June Carter Cash and film soundtrack of Loggerheads. DeLisle has had many roles in television programmes such as Princess Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbender and Mandy in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. DeLisle has also had voice acting roles in many computer and video games, such as Yangja and Yoshen in Escape from Monkey Island, numerous characters in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Underworld as Jacqueline Natla and several Star Wars games. In addition to her numerous English-speaking roles, she also speaks Japanese as the character Yumi in television programme Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

Description above from the Wikipedia article Grey DeLisle, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.
as "Satoshi Hasashi / Kitana (voice)"
Onward (2020)
as "Dewdrop (voice)"
Frozen II (2019)
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Additional Voice (voice)"
as "Wonder Woman / Diana Prince (voice) and Lois Lane (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake / Black Canary (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Captain Marvel (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Tina / Platinum (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Baby T-Rex (voice)"
as "Carol (voice)"
as "Samantha (voice)"
as "Betty Rubble (voice)"
as "Wonder Woman / Lois Lane (voice)"
as "Grandmother (voice) (as Grey Griffin)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Herself"
as "Gliss (voice)"
as "Wonder Woman / Superbaby (voice) (as Grey DeLisle Griffin)"
as "Soul Hayride Dancer"
as "Herself"
as "Mrs. Eames"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Mrs. Bradley/Red Fairy"
as "Nora Allen / Young Barry Allen / Martha Wayne / Joker (voice)"
as "Betsy/Photographer"
as "Anchor Carla (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
Dino Time (2012)
as "Baby T-Rex"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Maid Marian (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Anchor Carla / Female Mutant (voice)"
as "Gliss (voice)"
as "Shelly (as Millie Mup)"
as "Young Manchester (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Lois Lane (voice) / Queen (voice)"
as "Barbara Gordon (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Dorothy (voice)"
as "Sif (voice)"
as "Ree'Yu / Ardakian Trawl / Boodikka (voice)"
as "Ms. Dreakford (voice)"
as "Black Canary (voice)"
as "Daphne (voice)"
as "Red (voice)"
as "Security Bulldog/Catherine's Niece/Cat Spy Analyst"
as "Security Bulldog / Catherine's Niece / Cat Spy Analyst (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Betsy / Mrs. Yellow Hat (voice)"
as "Lyria / Viola / Narrator (voice)"
as "Arcee (voice)"
as "Scarlett / Cover Girl / Dial Tone / Baroness (voice)"
as "Daphne (voice)"
as "Tomoe / Ogin"
Bolt (2008)
as "Penny's Mom (voice)"
as "Heather / Donna Fawkes (voice)"
as "Mother Dog (voice)"
as "Wubbzy / Buggy / Kooky Kid / Old Lady (voice)"
as "Aquata / Arista (voice)"
as "Daphne / Cat Witch / Honeybee (voice)"
as "Daphne (voice)"
TMNT (2007)
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Anna / Harpy-Hag #2"
as "Mandy / Mandroid / Older Mandy / Milkshakes / Some Kid (voice)"
as "Various"
as "Crazy Old Cat Lady/Gramma Stuffum (voice)"
as "Wasp / Janet Pym (voice)"
as "The Wasp"
as "Daphne (voice)"
as "Daphne / Natasha (voice)"
as "Miss Sharpey / Simon Sklarow / Sullivan Sklarow (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake / Auntie Mahina / Local Woman #2 (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake / Shannon Blake (voice)"
as "Vicky/Principal Waxelplax (voice)"
as "First Victim (voice)"
as "Emily Elizabeth"
as "Linda / Woman at Zoo (voice)"
as "Additional Voices"
as "Greenly (voice)"
as "Betty Rubble (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Daphne Blake / Cyber Daphne Blake (voice)"
as "Mrs. Santa / Elf #2 (voice)"
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