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Clarence Williams III

Born August 21, 1939 in
The Butler (2013)
as "Maynard"
as "Sam"
as "Mac"
as "Bumpy Johnson (uncredited)"
as "Philby"
as "Philby"
as "Philby"
as "Philby"
as "Bill"
Mindstorm (2001)
as "Walter Golden"
as "Benny"
as "Merlin"
as "Colonel George Fowler"
as "Jelly Roll Morton"
as "Huck Hanley"
Starstruck (1998)
as "Jarry Wallace"
Half Baked (1998)
as "Samson Simpson"
as "Chuck"
Hoodlum (1997)
as "Bub Hewlett"
as "Archie"
The Brave (1997)
as "Father Stratton"
as "Benny"
as "Mr. Simms"
Sugar Hill (1993)
as "Arthur Romello "A.R." Skuggs"
as "Chaka"
Deadfall (1993)
as "Dean"
Deep Cover (1992)
as "Taft"
as "Deputy Sheriff Virgil"
as "Blum"
as "Kalinga"
as "Lt. Kevin White"
as "Bolo"
as "D.J. Johnson"
52 Pick-Up (1986)
as "Bobby Shy"
as "Father"
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