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Ivano Marescotti

Born February 4, 1946 in
Them who? (2015)
as "Il Presidente"
as "Fabio"
as "Ingegner Brigatti"
as "Sergio"
as "Colonello dei carabinieri Gismondo Mazzini"
as "Padre di Marika"
as "Gianlorenzo Branca"
Albakiara (2008)
as "Commissario Guidotti"
as "Giancarlo Ugolini"
as "avvocato"
as "Annibale Merolle"
as "Monaldo"
as "Bishop Germanus"
as ""
Hannibal (2001)
as "Carlo"
as "Ronchitelli"
Venti (2000)
as "Angelo di 2 classe"
as "Colonnello Verrecchia"
as "Teacher Caimi"
as "il cliente turpe"
as "jogger"
Italiani (1996)
as "Furio"
as "Cliente Spaltro"
as "Pastore"
as "Pascucci"
as "Fantoni"
Gangsters (1992)
as ""
as "Dr. Randazzo"
as "Don Vincenzo"
as "Giulio"
as "Tobia"
as "il giudice Manicardi"
La cintura (1989)
as ""
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