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Aileen Lewis

Born uknown in
as "Woman in Hotel Lobby (uncredited)"
as "Floor Show Audience (uncredited)"
as "German Officer's Wife (uncredited)"
as "Sherry Party Guest"
Darling (1965)
as "Fortnum and Masons Customer (uncredited)"
as "Restaurant Diner (uncredited)"
as "Chess Tournament Spectator (uncredited)"
as "Lady in Pub (uncredited)"
as "Lady at Fashion Show"
as "Clique Club Patron"
as "Train Passenger (uncredited)"
as "Court of Inquiry Member"
as "Lady in Cafe (uncredited)"
Libel (1959)
as "Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)"
as "Old Time Dancer (uncredited)"
as "Woman Dancing in Madrid Bistro (uncredited)"
as "Party Guest"
as "Nurse (uncredited)"
as "Lady Leaving Kings Cross Station (uncredited)"
as "Customer at Mario's (uncredited)"
as "Brighton Tea Shop Customer"
as "Lady on Hampton Court Trip (uncredited)"
Genevieve (1953)
as "Lady in Nightclub"
as "Lady at Party (uncredited)"
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