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Renie Riano

Born August 7, 1899 in
as "Marthy"
as "Airline Passenger"
as "WAF Sgt. Anderson"
as "Maggie"
as "Lorene Smith"
as "Lucy Lovejoy"
as "Mrs. Cavendish"
as "Studio Waitress (uncredited)"
as "Eurydice Lanning"
as "Genevieve"
as "Christina Kellogg - Housekeeper"
as "Miss Aphrodite Phipps"
as "Stella (aka Meg)"
as "Nurse (uncredited)"
as "Minnie"
as "Karen Vadja"
as "Mrs. Snell"
as "Annie"
as "Miss Bunson, the Photographer"
as "Mrs. Gattles"
Li'l Abner (1940)
as "Sarah Jones"
as "Mrs. Dixon"
Kit Carson (1940)
as "Miss Genevieve Pilchard"
as "Telegraph Operator"
as "Miss Grace"
as "Customer (uncredited)"
as "Lilly Wigham"
as "Miss Briggs"
as "Mrs. Riley"
as "Head Saleswoman (uncredited)"
as "Effie Schneider"
The Women (1939)
as "Ugly Saleswoman"
as "Effie Schneider"
as "Olga - Maid"
as "Mrs. Pujol"
as "Librarian"
as "Mrs. Craig"
Tail Spin (1939)
as "Chick's Pilot Girlfriend (Uncredited)"
as "Effie Schneider (uncredited)"
as "Train Passenger"
as "Effie Schneider, Drew's Maid"
as "Mildred"
as "Mrs. Jenkins"
as "Woman Bailiff"
as "Mrs. Pinkel"
as "Ellen"
as "Mrs. Hepplethwaite"
Tovarich (1937)
as "Madame Courtois"
as "Maid (uncredited)"
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