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Rosenwald (2015)
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Andrew Lawrence

Born January 12, 1988 in
Son of Donna and Joe Lawrence, Andrew Lawrence, affectionately called Andy, was born in Philadelphia, PA on the 12th of January, 1988. Starting show biz at age three, Andy Lawrence fits right into the family of stars that he was born into. Andy is loved by people everywhere for his charming smile, accurate impressions, good attitude, sweet countenance, and many more talents.
6 Days (2017)
as "SAS Van Driver"
as "Ritchie"
as "TJ"
as "Jason Boyd"
Bones (2010)
as "Anthony"
as "Cam Stiles"
as "Mitch"
as "Jason 'Jace' Newfield"
as "Younger T.J. (voice)"
as "Theodore J. 'T.J.' Detweiler"
as "Tommy Biggs"
as "Theodore Jasper "T.J." Detweiler"
as "Will Browning / Twoie"
as "Tommy Biggs"
as "Mitch Musser"
Jack Frost (1998)
as "Tuck Gronic"
Bean (1997)
as "Kevin Langley"
Deadly Web (1996)
as ""
as "Jamie Frye"
as "Donnie Pinnock"
as "Timmy"
as "Denny Yaklich - age 5"
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