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Tesshou Genda

Born uknown in
as "Kurama (voice)"
as "Two Horns (voice)"
as "Frank Castle / The Punisher (voice)"
as "Rodin"
as "Frank Castle / The Punisher (voice)"
as "Shu (voice)"
as "Section 6 Department Chief Nakamura"
as "Action Kamen / Gotaro Go"
as "Jubei Yagyu"
as "Director Nakamura (voice)"
as "Joyrock"
as "Furigokin Tamashiro"
as "Janemba / Shenlong (voice)"
as "Wan-Fu (voice)"
as "Action Kamen (voice)"
as "Bojack (voice)"
Wizardry (1991)
as "Hawkwind (voice)"
as "Marouji (voice)"
as "Umibouzu (voice)"
as "Umibouzu (voice)"
as "Rikiya "Goggles" Gabimaru (voice)"
Maroko (1990)
as "Fumiaki Muroto (voice)"
as "Jack"
as "D (voice)"
as "Thug B"
Angel Cop (1989)
as "PSB Chief Togawa/Frenchie (voice)"
as "Umibouzu (voice)"
Venus Wars (1989)
as "Sims"
as "Sergeant Sagara (voice)"
Akira (1988)
as "Ryûsaku (voice)"
as "Kei / D (voice)"
as "Captain (voice)"
TO-Y (1987)
as "Gou Momomoto / Momo"
as "Morgan Scott (voice)"
as "Bunmei Muroto"
as "Ganigas "Ganga" Gagtos"
as "Chief (ep 1) (voice)"
as "D (Operative DC138621-S113)"
as "Violence Jack"
as "Optimus Prime"
as "Akauma"
as "Rei (voice)"
as "Belgel"
Dallos (1983)
as "Doc McCoy (voice)"
as "(voice)"
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