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Ana María Hernández

Born uknown in
as "Grandmother"
as "Vendedora (uncredited)"
as "Mujer en iglesia (uncredited)"
as "Doña Panchita (uncredited)"
as "Invitada a recepción (uncredited)"
as "Invitada a boda (uncredited)"
as "Doña Joaquinita (uncredited)"
as "Clienta del club (uncredited)"
as "Clienta en cabaret (uncredited)"
as "Mujer en velorio (uncredited)"
as "Invitada a fiesta (uncredited)"
as "Profesora (uncredited)"
as "Invitada a casa de doña Charito"
as "Invitada a fiesta (uncredited)"
as "Invitada a bienvenida de Luis (uncredited)"
Bugambilia (1945)
as "Mamá de Mercedes (uncredited)"
as "Invitada a cena (uncredited)"
as "Espectadora de jaripeo (uncredited)"
El Circo (1943)
as "Espectadora circo (uncredited)"
as "Dama de la corte (uncredited)"
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