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Matthew Marsh

Born July 8, 1954 in
as "Warden Leinart"
Dunkirk (2017)
as "Rear-Admiral of the Royal Navy"
Unlocked (2017)
as "Frank Sutter"
as ""
as "Kommissar Braddock"
Epithet (2012)
as "Richard"
Red Tails (2012)
as "Brigadier General Hauser"
as "Alexander Haig"
Shirley (2011)
as "Jack Hylton"
as "Foreign Policy Advisor"
Endgame (2009)
as "F.W. de Klerk"
as "Sir Gordon"
as "Papa Max"
as "James Johnston"
Hawking (2004)
as "Dr. John Holloway"
Belonging (2004)
as "Peter Fox"
as "Giuseppe Larsson"
as "Goldberg"
Quicksand (2003)
as "Michel Cote"
as "Dragan Adjanic"
Spy Game (2001)
as "Dr. William Byars"
as "Steven Gore"
as "Alan Dysart"
as "Detective"
as "Dad (voice)"
as "Herr Kruger"
as "Bascombe"
as "Wilson"
as "Barry Banks"
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