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Sayed Badreya

Born uknown in
Vanguard (2020)
as "Abati"
as "Anwar Seif"
as "Tarek"
Movie 43 (2013)
as "Large Man (segment "Truth or Dare")"
as "Omar"
as "Orderly"
Cargo (2011)
as "Sayed"
Backyard (2009)
as "El Sultán"
as "Mustafa Marzouke"
Iron Man (2008)
as "Abu Bakaar"
as "Assisting Surgeon"
as "Doctor Sayed"
as "Chauffeur"
as "Uncle"
as "Iraqi Tank Major"
as "Hezbollah Head Gunman"
Kingpin (1996)
as "Fatima"
as "Arab Pilot"
Stargate (1994)
as "Arabic Interpreter"
Hotshot (1986)
as "Mohamed"
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