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Andrew Havill

Born uknown in
as "Parson Pascoe"
as "Sir Percy Cox"
Dad's Army (2016)
as "Captian Meeks"
as "Clive Bell"
as "Teacher"
as "Cochepaille"
as "Cameron"
as "Mr. Hotchkiss"
as "Cabinet Ministers"
as "George Vandermeer"
as "Master Ford"
The Clocks (2009)
as "Sven Hjerson"
as "Unlikely Vagrant (uncredited)"
as "King's Private Secretary"
Mr. Nice (2010)
as "Prosecution Barrister"
as "Robert Wood"
as "Mr. Ryder"
Pop Art (2008)
as "Mr. Milton"
Dummy (2008)
as "Doctor"
Casanova (2005)
as "English Chancellor"
as "Jake Westerman"
Sylvia (2003)
as "David Wevill"
as "Mr. Nickleby"
as "Charles"
as "Piers"
as "Officer"
as "Sunny Farebrother"
Wilde (1997)
as "Algernon"
as "Gallant"
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