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Raoul Max Trujillo

Born May 8, 1955 in
as "The Cleaner"
Sicario (2015)
as "Rafael"
Riddick (2013)
as "Lockspur"
as "Brujo"
as "Holy Man"
as "Black Knife"
as "Dakota"
Love Ranch (2010)
as "Hernan Prado"
as "Raw"
Apocalypto (2006)
as "Zero Wolf"
as "Bloody Hands Spirit"
as "Alejo"
Betrayed (2003)
as "Bill Lebret"
as "Woody"
as "Jimmy Coyote"
as "Running Dog"
Black Fox (1995)
as "Running Dog"
as "Minter"
as "Big Tooth"
as "Jojo"
Black Robe (1991)
as "Kiotseaton"
as "Peter Drak"
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