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Darko Nikolic

Born uknown in
His was a father judo master who was the first to introduced him to martial arts. After years of practicing judo, Darko continued expanding his knowledge in Full Contact and Kick Boxing, hand to hand combat and weapon combat.

At the age of 14 Darko found his love for basketball and started a successful career as a semi pro basketball player, what after fey years brought him to US.

Darko got first break in acting in high-school theater, with great personality and charisma and already walking 6'5 and 240p. athletic build Darko earned leading roles in plays like King Arthur and Hamlet. Through his basketball career Darko earned roles in fey sports commercials and the love for acting was born. Darko moved to US in 2002 following his dream of becoming professional basketball player. After back injury suffered in practice, what ultimately made him stop playing basketball, Darko decided to stay in US and try to restart his career with his second love, acting! He had several attempts to get in to the film industry but in the meantime, Darko started working as a bouncer and Martial Arts trainer in Cincinnati OH. Fey years later Darko decided to move to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh was where he finally got his first shot as an extra in Batman The Dark Knight Rises with Christian Bale, directed by Christopher Nolan, he finally opened the door of the film industry. After that Darko got a roll as a detective on TV show Ones Who Kill, and his first bigger role of the Russian Prisoner in documentary "Insanity of God" his last project Darko is playing a bodyguard and body double for Vin Deisel on The Last Witch Hunter.
as "NY Businessman / operative (uncredited)"
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