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Enrique Lucero

Born October 9, 1920 in
as "Minister of Education"
as "Tanilo"
as "Don Ponciano Méndez"
as "Priest"
as "Colonel Victor Aristos"
A Real Man (1983)
as "Juvencio"
Under Fire (1983)
as "Prison Priest"
as "Patada"
Green Ice (1981)
as "Lucho the Coffee Grower"
as "Rutilio Sandoval"
Mr. Horn (1979)
as "Geronimo"
as "Capitán"
as "Lieutenant Pons"
Omen (1974)
as "Héctor"
as "Jeffe"
The Pariah (1972)
as "Le Mexicain / Migli"
as "Commissioner Vardy"
as "Nacho"
as "Lobo"
as "Perez"
Zapata (1970)
as "Jesús Guajardo"
as "3rd American"
Shark (1969)
as "Barok"
as "Ignacio"
Le Rapace (1968)
as "El Bosco"
as "Brujo Owiruane"
as "Lieutenant Riccardo Andrade"
as "Don Cosme"
as "Rubén"
as "Arnulfo"
El Extra (1962)
as "Actor, sacerdote azteca"
as "Lazaro"
as "Dr. Daniel Jaramillo"
Simitrio (1960)
as "Simitrio's Dad"
Macario (1960)
as "La muerte"
as "Villager"
as ""
as "Anselmo"
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