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Casey Siemaszko

Born Mars 17, 1961 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Casey Siemaszko (born Kazimierz A. Siemaszko) is a Polish-American actor and the brother of actress Nina Siemaszko. The son of a fighter in the Polish Underground who survived the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, Siemaszko narrated the 1998 feature, The Polish-Americans. Siemaszko was a graduate of the Goodman School of Drama at DePaul University in Chicago, which his sister, Nina Siemaszko later also attended.
as "Jack Ruby"
as "Harry Berman"
The Crew (2000)
as "Young Bobby Bartellemeo"
as "Alton 'Hatch' Hatcher"
as "Jake Booker"
as "Billy"
Rose Hill (1997)
as "Fergus Carroll"
Bliss (1997)
as "Tanner"
Mistrial (1996)
as "Detective Bobby Zito"
as "Morgan"
as "Dr. Goddard / The Breath Taker"
Milk Money (1994)
as "Cash"
as "Himself"
as "Michael"
as "Cal"
as "Curley"
Near Mrs. (1992)
as "Colin Phipps"
as "Mike Sawyer"
The Chase (1991)
as "Hutchinson"
as "Mike Lafebb"
Young Guns (1988)
as "Charles 'Charley' Bowdre"
as "Don Carney"
as "Jerry Mitchell"
as "Wildman"
as "Billy Tessio"
as "3-D"
as "Roger Despard"
Hard Knox (1984)
as "Aaron Davis"
Class (1983)
as "Doug"
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