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Richard Bremmer

Born January 27, 1953 in
as "First Order Officer"
In Fabric (2018)
as "Mr. Lundy"
as "Old Billy"
as "Benjamin Fuller"
Mr. Turner (2014)
as "George Jones"
as ""
as "Charlie Maxton"
as "Ensemble 'At the End of the Day'"
as "Matt"
Control (2007)
as "Mr Curtis - Ian's Father"
as "Doctor"
as ""
as "Abbé Traquet"
as "Dr. Weisser"
as "Abraham"
as "Master at Arms"
as "Sonny Eckvall"
as "Lord Voldemort"
Onegin (1999)
as ""
as "Skeld the Superstitious"
Richard II (1997)
as "Henry Bolingbroke"
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