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Boyd Banks

Born April 16, 1964 in
as "Mr. Giroux"
Hellmouth (2014)
as "Mr. Whinny"
as "Gord"
as "Server"
as "Geordie"
as "Actor #2"
as "Priest"
as "Gas Station Attendant"
Moon Point (2011)
as "Ice Cream Truck Driver"
as "Himself"
as "Maestro"
Medium Raw (2010)
as "Patient 66"
as "Doug"
as "Sgt. Stevenson"
Pontypool (2008)
as "Jay (Osama)"
as "Apartment Guy"
as "Uncle Casper"
Saving God (2008)
as "Poole"
as "EMT"
as "White Man"
as "Mike Evens"
as "Leon the Neighbor"
as "Michael Lymburner"
as "Russell"
as "Dominican Monk"
as "Morgue Attendant"
as "Prison Solitary Guard"
as "Worker #1"
as "Butcher"
as "Reporter"
as "Slim"
as "E.R. Patient"
as "Ticket Window Guy"
as "Hospital Orderly"
as "Tucker"
as "Barry's Boss at Canadian Theatre Company"
as "Priest"
as "Patient"
as "Birdie"
as "Train Conductor"
Cypher (2002)
as "Fred Garfield"
The Tuxedo (2002)
as "Vic"
as "Paramedic"
as "Hotel Manager"
as ""
as "Bar Patron"
Jason X (2001)
as "Fat Lou"
as ""
Club Land (2001)
as "Elegante Announcer"
as "Ralph"
Wild Iris (2001)
as "Handprint Clerk"
Possessed (2000)
as "Zealot"
as "C&W Station Manager"
Cheaters (2000)
as "State Speech Judge"
Bruiser (2000)
as "Jester"
Superstar (1999)
as "Weatherman"
as "Prison Guard"
as "Brooklyn Park Mayor"
as "Roger"
Dog Park (1998)
as "Ge Groovy Lesh"
Dirty Work (1998)
as "Creepy Harry"
as "Talent Show MC"
as "Gas Station Guy"
Crash (1996)
as "Grip"
as "Clyde Spinoza"
as "Nikolai"
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