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Danny Glover

Born July 22, 1946 in San Francisco, California, USA
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Danny Lebern Glover (born July 22, 1946) is an American actor, film director, and political activist. Glover is perhaps best known for his roles as Detective Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon film franchise.

Description above from the Wikipedia article Danny Glover, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.
as "Baltimore Bob"
as "Langston"
as "Benny"
Extortion (2017)
as "Constable Haagen"
as "Mr. Weathers"
as "Walter"
as "Roger"
Mr. Pig (2016)
as "Ambrose"
Gridlocked (2015)
as "Sully"
as "Eddie 'Rocks' Travor"
as "Stinky"
Diablo (2015)
as "Benjamin Carver"
Andron (2015)
as "Chancellor Gordon"
as "Edward Collins"
Checkmate (2015)
as "Elohim"
Consumed (2015)
as "Hal Westbrook"
as "Red"
as "Bernie Pope"
as "Coffee Lover"
Toxin (2015)
as "Dr. Locke"
Yellowbird (2014)
as "Darius"
as "Carl"
as "Captain Nicol"
as "Sponge"
Supremacy (2014)
as "Mr. Walker"
as "Himself"
Rage (2014)
as "Detective St. John"
as "Bernie Pope"
as "Ex Director Matthew Reynolds"
From Above (2013)
as "William Ward"
as "Justice Thurgood Marshall"
Extraction (2013)
as "Harding"
as "Shinishi"
as "Ed"
as "Charlie Shuffleton"
as "Commander Phillips"
The Shift (2013)
as "Floyd"
as "Reverend John"
LUV (2012)
as "Arthur"
Casting By (2012)
as "Himself"
as "Duncan"
as "Himself"
as "Isom Dart"
as "Father Leonard"
Mysteria (2011)
as "Investigator"
as "Donovan Matheson"
as "Ahab"
Mooz-lum (2010)
as "Dean Francis"
as "Dubem"
as "Gabriel Peters"
as "School Director"
as "Winston (voice)"
as "Himself"
Legendary (2010)
as "Harry 'Red' Newman"
Dear Alice (2010)
as "Franzis"
as "Uncle Russell"
as "Marcus"
as "Himself"
2012 (2009)
as "President Wilson"
as "Joseph Holder"
as "Miles"
Saw V (2008)
as "David Tapp (archive footage)"
as "Walter Tortoise (voice)"
The Garden (2008)
as "Himself"
Blindness (2008)
as "Man with black eye patch"
as "John Malcolm"
as "Mr. Fletcher"
as "Tyrone Purvis"
as "President Chen (voice)"
Shooter (2007)
as "Colonel Isaac Johnson"
as "George"
Dreamgirls (2006)
as "Marty Madison"
Barnyard (2006)
as "Miles the Mule (voice)"
Bamako (2006)
as "Cow-boy"
as "Ken Hollister"
as "David"
The Peace! (2005)
as "Himself"
Manderlay (2005)
as "Wilhelm"
as "Jake Neely"
Earthsea (2004)
as "Ogion"
Saw (2004)
as "Detective David Tapp"
as "Judge Crowley"
as "Tom Spader"
as "Narrator"
as "Henry Sherman"
3 A.M. (2001)
as "Hershey"
as "Boesman"
as "Will Walker"
as "Train Conductor (voice)"
as "Jethro (voice)"
Beloved (1998)
as "Paul D Garner"
Antz (1998)
as "Barbatus (voice)"
as "(scenes deleted)"
as "Roger Murtaugh"
as "Sgt. Washington Wyatt"
as "Richter Tyrone Kipler"
Switchback (1997)
as "Bob Goodall"
as "Bigfoot the Mountain Man (Uncredited)"
as "Gus Green"
as "Silas (segment "Long Black Song")"
as "Capt. Sam Cahill"
as "George Knox"
Maverick (1994)
as "Bank Robber (uncredited)"
Bopha! (1993)
as ""
as "Alec Haley"
as "Roger Murtaugh"
as "Simon"
Pure Luck (1991)
as "Raymond Campanella"
as "Easy Money"
as "Cmdr. Frank 'Dooke' Camparelli"
Predator 2 (1990)
as "Lieutenant Mike Harrigan"
as "Harry"
as "Sergeant Roger Murtaugh"
as "Dr. Alex Marsh"
as "Joshua Deets"
Bat*21 (1988)
as "Capt. Bartholomew Clark"
Mandela (1987)
as "Nelson Mandela"
as "Sergeant Roger Murtaugh"
as "Albert Johnson"
Silverado (1985)
as "Malachi 'Mal' Johnson"
Witness (1985)
as "McFee"
as "Moze"
Iceman (1984)
as "Loomis"
as "Willie Monroe"
as "Jojo / Roland"
as "Inmate"
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