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Amira Casar

Born May 1, 1971 in
as "Annella Perlman"
as "Eva Said"
as "Mrs. M____"
as "Miriam Kaminski"
as "Anne-Marie Munoz"
as "Marie"
as "Hanna von Stezewitz"
Playoff (2011)
as "Deniz"
as "Sandra"
as "Irène"
Sisters (2009)
as "Anna Di Biaggio"
as "Mis Gomette"
as ""
Kandisha (2008)
as "Nyla Jayde"
Intrusions (2008)
as ""
as "Isabella"
Coupable (2008)
as ""
This Night (2008)
as "Irène"
as "Mademoiselle Divine des Airelles"
as "Marie"
as "Malvina van Stille"
as "Eva"
as "Véra"
as "Femme"
Sylvia (2003)
as "Assia Wevill"
as "Claudia"
as "Nadia"
as "Myriem"
as "Helena von Strauss"
as "Sandra"
as "Morgiana"
as "Camille"
as "Jeune Femme de la Villa"
as "Sandra Benzakhem"
as "Farida"
as "Catherine"
as "Alice"
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