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Kouichi Yamadera

Born uknown in
as "Beerus (voice)"
as "Akihiko Kayaba (Voice)"
as "Drautos (voice)"
as "Beerus (voice)"
as "Charlie"
as "Bills (voice)"
as "Kunstlijk / Mozart (voice)"
as "Kawa"
as "Papa"
Deadball (2011)
as "Baseball Announcer"
as "Togusa (voice)"
as "Brialeos Hecatombcales"
as "Luo-Lang"
Paprika (2006)
as "Osanai Morio"
as "Dabudabu Duck (voice)"
as "Barry"
as "Togusa (voice)"
as "Taī Untenshu"
as "The Man of the Key (voice)"
as "Spike Spiegel"
as "Kid's TV Host"
as "Meier Link"
as "Lugia (voice)"
as "Harlock"
as "Michael Suzuki (voice)"
as "Ryouji Kaji (voice)"
as "Sorata Arisugawa"
as "Miguel"
as "Togusa (voice)"
as "Enzo"
as "Yūta"
as "Jubei Kibagami"
as "Orgun"
as "Tomoru Shindo"
as "Yûta"
Maroko (1990)
as "Bannai (voice)"
as "San Buka"
as "Bakery Worker / Policeman (voice)"
Venus Wars (1989)
as "Jeff"
as "Bolf"
as "Guy"
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