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David Warner

Born July 29, 1941 in Manchester, England, UK
​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia David Warner (born 29 July 1941) is an English actor, who is known for playing sinister or villainous characters, both in film and animation. Description above from the Wikipedia David Warner (actor), licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.
as "Admiral Boom"
as "Eugene Devlin"
as "Max"
as "Ed Dillinger / MCP"
as "Abbot"
as "Frank"
as "Lord Azlok"
Hogfather (2006)
as "Lord Downey"
as "Narrator (voice)"
as "Lord Moping"
as "Fielding"
Cyber Wars (2004)
as "Joseph Lau"
as "Dr Mead"
as "Deacon"
as "Pap"
as "Sir Danvers Carew"
as "Professor"
as "Superint. Bruce Northorp"
as "Judge Padovani"
as "Sandar"
as "Captain James Sawyer"
as "Dr. Snodgrass"
as "Eliezer"
Cinderella (2000)
as "Martin"
as "Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn"
Houdini (1998)
as "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle"
as "Simpson"
Scream 2 (1997)
as "Gus Gold"
Titanic (1997)
as "Spicer Lovejoy"
as "Tod"
as "Blade"
as "Everett Longstreet"
Rasputin (1996)
as "Dr. Botkin"
Zoya (1995)
as "Prince Vladmir"
as "Reverend Langley"
as "Dr. Lamont"
Tryst (1994)
as "Jason"
Felony (1994)
as "Cooper"
as "Dr. Wrenn"
as "Dr. Madden"
as "Lord Vultare"
Body Bags (1993)
as "Dr. Lock"
Wild Palms (1993)
as "Eli Levitt"
as "Chancellor Thayer"
as "Sir Leopold Linwood"
as "Cleague"
as ""
as "Professor Leo Summerlee"
as "Summerlee"
as "Chancellor Gorkon"
as "Commander"
as "Amos Hackshaw"
as "Adm. Godfrey"
as "Bradley Thompson"
Tripwire (1989)
as "Josef Szabo"
as "Doctor Terrence Powers"
as "Dr. Carl Farnsworth"
as "St. John Talbot"
as "Father Stephan"
Magdalene (1988)
as "Baron von Seidl"
Waxwork (1988)
as "Waxwork Man"
as "Evil Clergyman (The Evil Clergyman sequence) (archive footage)"
as ""
as "Eugene Brackin"
as "Captain Julian Simon"
as "Professor McCarthy"
Desperado (1987)
as "Ballard, Company Police Chief"
as "Reinhard Heydrich"
as "Don Armado"
as "Monster"
as "Bob Cratchit"
as "Father"
as "Dr. Alfred Necessiter"
Tron (1982)
as "Ed Dillinger/Sark/Voice of Master Control Program"
as "Rustichello"
as "Philip Kerr"
as "Evil Genius"
Masada (1981)
as "Falco"
The Island (1980)
as "David Nau"
as "Laurence Beesley"
as "Jack the Ripper - John Leslie Stevenson"
Nightwing (1979)
as "Phillip Payne"
as "Sir Edmund Appleton"
as ""
as "Henry Buchanan"
as "Hauptmann Kiesel"
Providence (1977)
as "Kevin Langham / Kevin Woodford"
as "Swede"
The Omen (1976)
as "Keith Jennings"
Mr. Quilp (1975)
as "Sampson Brass"
as "Edward Charlton"
as "Torvald"
Straw Dogs (1971)
as "Henry Niles"
as "Lord Nicholas "Nick" Dorset"
as "Joshua"
as "Michael Kohlhaas"
as "Konstantin Treplev, her son"
The Fixer (1968)
as "Count Odoevsky"
as "Lysander"
as "Valentine Brose"
as "Terry Evans"
Morgan! (1966)
as "Morgan Delt"
as "King Henry VI"
Tom Jones (1963)
as "Mr. Blifil"
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