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James Hong

Born February 22, 1929 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
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James Hong (born February 22, 1929) is a Chinese American actor and former president of the Association of Asian/Pacific American Artists (AAPAA). A prolific acting veteran, Hong's career spans over 50 years and includes more than 350 roles in film, television, and video games.

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as "Salt Shaker (voice)"
as "Mr. Ping (voice)"
as "Mr. Ping (voice)"
as "Old Monk"
as "Dr. Zin (voice)"
R.I.P.D. (2013)
as "Nick's Avatar / Jerry Chen"
Summoned (2013)
as "Frank"
Junk (2012)
as "Yukio Tai"
Safe (2012)
as "Han Jiao"
as "Mr. Ping (voice)"
as "Mr. Ping (voice)"
as "Mr. Ping (voice)"
as "High Lama (voice)"
as "Master Wong"
as "Self"
as "Mark Liu"
as "Mr. Yamagashi"
Exit 38 (2006)
as "Dr. Shen"
as "Gao"
as "Dr. Wong"
as "Kwok"
as "Mr. Rhee"
Ghost Rock (2003)
as "Weng"
as "Muraji, The Warlord"
The Idol (2002)
as "Zao"
Hero (2002)
as "Qin Emperor (voice)"
as "Larson"
Epoch (2001)
as "Ambassador Po"
The Ghost (2001)
as "Jing's Adoptive Father"
as "Ambassador Wu"
G2 (1999)
as "Parmenion"
Breakout (1998)
as "Mr. Wang"
Mulan (1998)
as "Chi Fu (voice)"
as "Mr. Chen"
Red Corner (1997)
as "Lin Shou"
as "Doctor Lee"
as "Asian Leader"
as "Master Sun"
Infinity (1996)
as "Abacus Adder"
as "Johnny Staccato"
as "Mr. Yamata"
as "Sun"
as "Master Tsai"
as "Mr. Song"
as "Y B'ham"
as "Old Chinese Man"
as "Parmenion"
Tank Girl (1995)
as "Che'tsai"
as "Tojo Yokohama"
as "Bobby Birdsong"
as "Mister Chang"
The Shadow (1994)
as "Li Peng"
as "Jeff Wong"
as "Edward"
as "Mr. Li"
Merlin (1993)
as "Leong Tao"
as "Chang"
as "Fortune Teller"
as "Yung"
as "Frank, Sr."
as "M.C."
Caged Fury (1990)
as "Detective Randall Stoner"
as "Kahn"
Framed (1990)
as "Mr. Chew"
as "Asawa"
Shadowzone (1990)
as "Dr. Van Fleet"
as "Quan"
as "Dr. Elson Po"
as "Boss"
Vice Versa (1988)
as "Kwo"
Tax Season (1989)
as "Mr. Tagasaki"
China Girl (1987)
as "Gung Tu"
as "H. Shin"
as "Doctor Hong"
as "Lo Pan"
as "Key Tam"
as "Gen. Trau"
as "Miyashima"
China Rose (1983)
as "Professor Chen"
Breathless (1983)
as "Grocer"
as "Kwan"
as "Hannibal Chew"
The Letter (1982)
as "Old Man"
So Fine (1981)
as "Asian Man #1"
as "Coroner Wong"
Airplane! (1980)
as "Japanese General"
as "Desk Clerk"
as "Nguyen"
as "Bing Wong"
Mandrake (1979)
as "Theron"
as "Quan Dong"
Libra (1978)
as "Dr. Chin"
as "The Old Man"
as "Chili Joint Owner"
as "Ming Lo"
China Girl (1975)
as "Y.C. Chan (as James Young)"
as "U.N. Secretary-General U Thant"
Chinatown (1974)
as "Evelyn's Butler"
as "Wei Chin"
Sunshine (1973)
as "Dr. Wilde"
Pueblo (1973)
as "Super C"
as "David Tao"
as "Police Surgeon"
as "Maj. Thon"
as "One Man Army"
as "Ti Chong"
as "Dr. Chin"
as "Narrator"
as "Archibald"
as "Victor Shu"
as "Prince Phanong"
as "Ho Lee"
as "Dr. Yang"
as "Headwaiter"
as "Narrator / Mizuno"
as "General Chao (uncredited)"
as "Japanese Draftsman"
as "Chinese Officer"
China Gate (1957)
as "Charlie"
as "ROK Maj. Chong (uncredited)"
as "Traffic Policeman"
as "Ogata / Serizawa (voice) (uncredited)"
as "Communist Soldier"
as "Fifth Brother"
as "Chinese Policeman (uncredited)"
as "South Korean Pilot Trainee"
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