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Alan Fawcett

Born uknown in
as "Marketing Executive #2"
Omertà (2012)
as "Gene Smith"
as "Thomas"
as "Chairman MPA"
as "Commander Daniels"
Deception (2003)
as "Barnes"
as "FDNY Chief Peter Gand"
as "FDNY Commissioner Peter Gand"
Swindle (2002)
as "Lt. Dan Archer"
as "FBI Agent Olman"
as "Sam Turgenson"
as "Bruce Moller"
as "Jefferson / Additional Voices"
as "Ruben"
as "Bill"
as "Roland Sanderson"
as "Martin Singer"
as "Directeur de la prison"
as "Samuels"
as "Joe Woldarski Jr."
Blindside (1987)
as "Gilchrist"
as "Flamingo (voice)"
Easy Prey (1986)
as "Store Manager"
as "Lomax"
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