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Cary Elwes

Born October 26, 1962 in London, England, UK
Cary Elwes is the third son born to interior designer/shipping heiress Tessa Kennedy and the late portrait painter Dominick Elwes, and is the brother of producer/agent Cassian Elwes and artist Damian Elwes. He was born and raised in London and attended Harrow. After graduating from Harrow, he moved to the US and studied drama at Sarah Lawrence College. He left school after two years to begin his film career. Cary is well respected by colleagues and fans alike and considered by many to be one of the finest young actors working today. He is interested in history and says, "It's deliberate that a lot of my films have been period pieces". He is politically active for causes he believes in, such as protecting the environment and helping Native American peoples. He is married to Lisa Marie Kurbikoff, a stills photographer.
as "Frank Harper"
as "John P. Jones (voice)"
as "David Mills"
H8RZ (2015)
as "Principal Donato"
as "Lawrence O'Neill"
as "Sir Thaddeus (voice)"
Teen Lust (2014)
as "John"
as "Joshua"
as "Brooks"
as "Joseph Stevens"
Reach Me (2014)
as "Kersey"
as "Orin / Arthur Curry / Aquaman (voice)"
as "E. Pierce Marshall"
as "Brady Olinson"
as "Paul"
as "The Meter Man"
as "Sultan / Bee Commander (voice: English version)"
as "Miller"
as "Rafferty Dickinson"
as "Stan's Doctor"
Hellgate (2011)
as "Jeff Mathews"
as "Pilot (voice)"
as "Dr. Stephen Metzner"
as "Barry Fitzgerald"
as "Dr. Lawrence Gordon"
Psych:9 (2010)
as "Dr. Clement"
as ""
as "Ethan Belfrage"
as "Portly Gentleman #1 / Dick Wilkins / Mad Fiddler / Guest #2 / Business Man #1"
as "Capt. Kenneth Shine"
as "Erik"
as "Arnold"
Pucked (2006)
as "Norman"
Edison (2005)
as "D.A. Jack Reigert"
Neo Ned (2005)
as "Dr. Magnuson"
Saw (2004)
as "Dr. Lawrence Gordon"
as "Ted Bundy"
as "King Edgar"
as "Albert Bodine"
as "Carter"
as "Mac "Macbeth" Wilson"
as "Thomas Ince"
Uprising (2001)
as "Dr. Fritz Hippler"
as "Burke"
as "Fritz Arno Wagner"
as "John Houseman"
as "Garrett (voice)"
as "Michael Collins"
as "Lt. Col. James Burton"
as "Det. Nick Ruskin"
Liar Liar (1997)
as "Jerry"
as "Lt. David Ferris"
Twister (1996)
as "Dr. Jonas Miller"
as "Captain William Boone"
The Chase (1994)
as "Steve Horsegroovy"
as "Robin Hood"
The Crush (1993)
as "Nick Eliot"
Dracula (1992)
as "Lord Arthur Helmwood"
as "Dobbs"
Hot Shots! (1991)
as "Lt. Kent Gregory"
as "Russ Weehler"
Glory (1989)
as "Maj. Cabot Forbes"
as "Tow Truck Driver (uncredited)"
as "Westley"
Lady Jane (1986)
as "Guilford Dudley"
The Bride (1985)
as "Josef"
as "Lionel"
as "James Harcourt"
as ""
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