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Eric Roberts

Born April 18, 1956 in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eric Anthony Roberts (born April 18, 1956) is an American actor. His career began with King of the Gypsies (1978), earning a Golden Globe nomination for best actor debut. He starred as the protagonist in the 1980 dramatisation of Willa Cather's 1905 short story, Paul's Case. He earned both a Golden Globe and Academy Award nomination for his supporting role in Runaway Train (1985). Through the 1990s and 2000s he maintained dramatic film and TV-movie roles while appearing in TV series. His television work includes three seasons with the sitcom Less Than Perfect and a recurring role on the NBC drama Heroes. His sisters Julia Roberts and Lisa Roberts Gillan, and daughter Emma Roberts, are also actors. Description above from the Wikipedia article Eric Roberts, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.
Taco Shop (2018)
as "Old School Eddie"
as "Patrick"
as "Pastor Malcolm"
as "Hal Spreadum"
as "William"
Compadres (2016)
as "Dalton"
as "Doctor Grey"
as "Frank Tanner"
as "Detective Louis Marshall"
as "Dr. Woods"
as ""
as "Henrick"
as "Dr. Mc Millan"
as "The Mayor"
as "Whitman"
as "Governor Hughes"
as "Trent Walker"
as "Tugg"
No Deposit (2015)
as "Gerry Gaci"
Fractured (2015)
as "Dr. Jason Ballard"
as "Al"
as "The Executive"
as "The Warlock"
as "Officer Richardson"
as "Detective Wood"
as ""
as "Michael Z. Wolfmann"
as "Captain Novakov"
as "Mr. Campbell"
as "Keith"
as "Augustine of Hippo"
as "Bill Sagat"
as "Black Knight CEO"
as "Mr. Wagner"
as "Older Bernie"
as "William"
as "Zurn"
Camp Dread (2014)
as "Julian Barrett"
as "Jonathan"
as "Tim Gollant"
as "Dr. Philip Tenenbaum"
as "Gene Weiner"
BlackJacks (2014)
as "Mr Cromwell"
as "Lanzetta"
as "Dracula"
Wrong Cops (2013)
as "Bob"
as "Dante (voice)"
as "Abraham Tanner"
as "Frank"
as "Wallace"
Betrayal (2013)
as ""
as "David"
as ""
as "Bill"
as "Walter"
as "Angelo Moretti"
Lovelace (2013)
as "Nat Laurendi"
as "Lou"
as "Lawrence Humphrey"
Run (2013)
as "Jeremiah"
as "Agent Guthro"
Pop Star (2013)
as "Mr. Esposito"
White T (2013)
as ""
as "Officer Peterson"
as "Dr. Lipschitz"
as "Daniel"
as "Bob"
as "Duffy (voice)"
as ""
as "Cooper"
as "Tommy Maxell"
as "Ted"
The Cloth (2013)
as "Father Tollman"
The Child (2012)
as "Robert Stern"
as ""
Bloodwork (2012)
as ""
as "Sonny Barnes"
Deadline (2012)
as "Ronnie Bullock"
as "Senator"
as "Alex Stratholme"
The Mark (2012)
as "Mr.Cooper"
Chillerama (2011)
as "General"
as "Parley Hinkins"
Jesse (2011)
as "Chris"
as "Mr. Hopewell"
as "Lee Davis"
First Dog (2010)
as "President of the United States"
Sharktopus (2010)
as "Dr. Nathan Sands"
Class (2010)
as "Benjamin Sheffield"
as "Monroe"
as "Cobbs"
Rock Slyde (2009)
as "Jake the Deliveryman"
as "John Barrow"
Groupie (2010)
as "Angus"
The Tomb (2009)
as "Vaslev"
as "Merle Hench"
as "Grant"
as "Mitchell Prescott"
Royal Kill (2009)
as "Dad"
as "Police Chief"
as "Robert Byrne"
as "Captain Jones"
Cyclops (2008)
as "Emperor Tiberius Caesar"
as "L.A. Guy"
as "Sal Maroni"
as "Commander Krieg"
as "Dimitry"
as "Wilford Duvall"
Pandemic (2007)
as "Mayor Richard Dellasandro"
as "Thomas Kurt"
Aurora (2006)
as "Mr. Brown"
One Way (2006)
as "Nick Swell"
as "Donovan"
as "Joe"
as "Charlie Klamanski"
as "Ray"
as "Himself"
Graves End (2005)
as "Tarkington Alexander Graves / Tag"
as "Jack Hammer (voice)"
as "Eric Roberts"
as "Dallas"
as "Jack Talbot"
as "Coyote Larry"
as "Maximus Powers"
as "Police Lt. Mike Sullivan"
as "Teddy"
as "Augustus Talbert"
as "Sheriff Hank Bowman"
as "Nash"
as "Dyson Keller"
Spun (2002)
as "The Man"
as "Josh Grey"
as "Scalzetti"
Con Games (2001)
as "Officer Hopkins"
Raptor (2001)
as "Sheriff Jim Tanner"
as "Sean"
as "Police Chief DeSpain"
as "Mack Drake"
Fast Sofa (2001)
as "Robinson"
as "Kit Adrian"
Mindstorm (2001)
as "David Mendez"
as "Bob Henry (segment "My Generation")"
as "First Officer Mike Hogan"
as "Rome"
Sanctimony (2000)
as "Lieutenant"
as "James Gabriel"
TripFall (2000)
as "Mr. Eddie"
as "Honey's Ex"
as "The Replacement"
as "Carlo"
No Alibi (2000)
as "Victor Haddock / Stanley Joiner"
as "Jacob"
as "Customer"
as "Mr. Venti"
as "Dean McConnell"
Facade (1999)
as "Colin Wentworth"
as "Robert Woodfield"
Lansky (1999)
as "Ben 'Bugsy' Siegel"
Purgatory (1999)
as "Blackjack Britton"
as "Tony Lazorka / John Dugan"
as "Calvin Stasi"
Dead End (1998)
as "Henry Smovinsky"
as "Julia"
as "Walter Pool"
as "Michael"
T.N.T. (1997)
as "Russo"
as "Assistant Deputy Director Spencer"
as "Bob Wilson"
as "Eurymachus"
as "Perry Smith"
as "Dylan Cooper"
as "Montrachet"
as "Martin"
Dark Angel (1996)
as "Walter D'Arcangelo"
as "Eric Roberts"
Power 98 (1996)
as "Karlin Pickett"
as "Bubba Rocque"
as "Arthur Dunlop"
Doctor Who (1996)
as "Bruce / The Master"
as "Nick Stark"
The Grave (1996)
as "Cass"
as "Dannion Brinkley"
as "Adrian (Dusty)"
as "Jack"
as "Jack Hart"
as "Dr. Chandler Etheridge"
as "Tomas Leon"
Babyfever (1994)
as "Anthony"
Freefall (1994)
as "Grant Orion"
Sensation (1994)
as "Dr. Ian Burton"
as "Reno Adams"
Voyage (1993)
as "Gil Freeland"
as "Alex Grady"
as "Jimmy Evans"
as "Cal Harper"
as "Alexander Villard"
as "Frank"
as ""
as "Michael Rossi"
as "Al Capone"
as "Josh Baker"
as "Alex Grady"
Blood Red (1989)
as "Marco Collogero"
as "Fred"
Options (1989)
as "Matt Salinger / Donald Anderson (in telefilm epilogue)"
as "Jan Scruggs"
as "Riley"
Slow Burn (1986)
as "Jacob Asch"
as "Buck"
as "Becker"
Star 80 (1983)
as "Paul Snider"
as "Teddy"
as "Paul"
as "Dave"
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