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Christian J. Stewart

Born February 28, 1961 in Rockford, Illinois, USA
Has been in over 30 movies and TV shows and hardly ever credited in any of them.
as "Priest (uncredited)"
The Bridge (2015)
as "Wedding Guest 3 (uncredited)"
as "Disgruntled Bus Passenger (uncredited)"
as "Father of the Groom (uncredited)"
as "Hotel Guest (uncredited)"
as "Pedestrian (uncredited)"
as "Resort Guest / Golfer (uncredited)"
Zapped (2014)
as "Wedding Guest (uncredited)"
as "FBI Agent / Forensics (uncredited)"
Stonados (2013)
as "Football Fan (uncredited)"
as "Bookstore Patron (uncredited)"
as "Restaurant Patron (uncredited)"
as "Hospital Patient (uncredited)"
as "Police Officer (uncredited)"
as "Shopkeeper (uncredited)"
as "Villager (uncredited)"
as "Accident Scene Bystander (uncredited)"
as "Faculty (uncredited)"
as "Monk (uncredited)"
as "High School Teacher (uncredited)"
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