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Shozo Iizuka

Born uknown in
as "Iedolas Aldercapt (voice)"
as "Don Horror (voice)"
as "Shaburi (voice)"
as "Bones"
as "Oota"
as "Genya Tachibana (voice)"
as "Rakushaasa (voice)"
as "Momokichi Momoi"
Memories (1995)
as "Ivanov"
Memories (1995)
as "Announcement in Station 1"
as "Narrator (voice) / Earth Dwellers"
as "Doppo Orochi"
as "Odeon"
Burn Up (1991)
as "The Chief"
as "Butler (voice)"
as "Randol"
as "Ongyo no Kiheiji"
as "Morgan W. Scott"
Wanna-Be's (1986)
as "Dr. Sawada"
as "Mr. Gōtokuji"
as "Man (voice)"
as "President Hell Satan"
as "Ryû Jose"
as "Flinch (voice)"
as "Big Sam (voice)"
as "Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask"
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