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Franco Nero

Born November 23, 1941 in San Prospero Parmense, Italy
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Franco Nero (born 23 November 1941) is an Italian actor.

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as "Baron de Gondoriz"
as "Julius"
as ""
as "Marquis Polesini"
Nymph (2014)
as ""
as "Carmine"
as "Himself"
as "Amerigo Vessepi"
as "Felix the Alchemist"
Crazy Dog (2012)
as "Alvaro Genta"
New Order (2012)
as "Dr. Cornelius Van Morgen"
Cars 2 (2011)
as "Uncle Topolino (voice)"
Rasputin (2010)
as "Narratore"
as "Il barbone"
as "Lorenzo Bartolini"
as "Enrico Puzzo"
as "Max Freeman"
Ti Stramo (2008)
as "Il Barbone"
as "Mario"
as "Ferran Moreno"
as "King Mathias"
La rabbia (2008)
as "Mentore"
as "Carlos Sanchez"
Mineurs (2007)
as "Michele Acucella"
as "Caifa"
as "Lorenzo"
as "Himself"
as "Bakchus"
as "Il barbone"
as "The pistolero"
as "Giuseppe Mantaldo"
as "Cardenal Tura"
as "Gen. Francini"
as "Bishop Gellért"
as "Ibnazul"
St. Paul (2000)
as "Gamaliel"
Uninvited (1999)
as ""
Mirka (2000)
as ""
as "Caporale Nerza"
as "Dr. Vicente Areavaga"
as "Andrea"
David (1997)
as "Natan"
as "Árpád"
as "Adolfo Cavani"
as "Jonathan"
as "Chris Lang"
as "Enzo Lombardi"
Gold (1992)
as ""
as "Franco"
as "Fernando"
as "Aquani"
as "Count Vorontsov"
Die Hard 2 (1990)
as "General Ramon Esperanza"
Magdalene (1988)
as "Janza"
as "Claudio Toscanini"
Top Line (1988)
as "Ted Angelo"
as "Francis, il marinaio"
as "Commissario"
as "Django"
The Girl (1987)
as "Johan (John) Berg"
as "Falco"
as "Nick"
as "Andre"
as "Böhme"
Grog (1982)
as ""
Querelle (1982)
as "Lieutenant Seblon"
as "Weiss"
as "Cole"
The Falcon (1981)
as "Banović Strahinja"
as "Carabinieri Colonel Dante Matucci"
as "Larry Stanziani"
as "Renzo Dominici"
as "Mike di Donato"
Mimi (1979)
as "Guido"
as "Jesus Christ (uncredited)"
The Pirate (1978)
as "Baydr Al Fay"
as "Lescovar"
as "Jean Ballard"
Hitch Hike (1977)
as "Walter Mancini"
Keoma (1976)
as "Keoma"
Submission (1976)
as "Armand"
as "Issa"
Death Rite (1976)
as "Sadry"
as "Captain Asciutto"
as "Rudolph Valentino"
as "Professore Michele Belcore"
as "Onion Stark"
as "Giacomo Solaris"
as "Judge Dani"
as "Jason Scott"
Street Law (1974)
as "Carlo Antonelli"
as "Walter Audisio"
as "Nicola Bellizzi"
White Fang (1973)
as "Jason Scott"
High Crime (1973)
as "Commissario Belli"
as "Johnny Ears"
Redneck (1973)
as "Mosquito"
as "Giacomo Matteotti"
The Monk (1972)
as "Ambrosio"
Pope Joan (1972)
as "Louis"
as "Prince Dimitri Vassilovich Vladek Orlowsky"
Vacation (1971)
as "Osiride"
as "Andrea Bild"
as "Deputy D.A. Traini"
Companeros (1970)
as "Yodlaf Peterson"
as "Ens. Bruno Grauber"
as "The gypsy"
Tristana (1970)
as "Horacio"
as "Capitani Michele Rossi"
as "Commissario Stefano Belli"
as "Leonardo Ferri"
as "Sergei Kowalski, The Polish"
as "Gavino"
as "Capitano Bellodi"
as "Django"
Camelot (1967)
as "Lancelot Du Lac"
as "Burt Sullivan"
as "Tom Corbett"
as "Lt. Jake"
as "Lt. Jake Jacowitx"
Django (1966)
as "Django"
as "Tony Lo Bello (as Frank Nero)"
as "Edith Wickett"
as "Italo - The garage attendant"
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